Piptle.agency site is under development and we are making ongoing updates regularly to the site.

We have a strong compliance roadmap in support of our initiatives.  We are also working with a franchising consulting firm to support the documentation for the franchising our Piptle.Agency business model supporting direct real property transactions and tokenisation of property assets. We expect that the Piptle.Agency website will be made officially live during February, 2023 from which time we will be able to start supporting traditional real estate agency services and identifying property projects for future tokenisation.

This webpage is for staging purposes only, and any information contained within these pages is not to be held as accurate, nor is it to be construed as any kind of advice, whether financial, legal, or otherwise. At present, Piptle Agency are working on these pages, and information is subject to immediate change, without warning. At no point do Piptle Agency, or any of Piptle Wealth Management's Designated Business Group (DBG) warrant that the information contained within these pages provides any kind of guarantees, warranties, or otherwise, where if the information is used for any purpose, it is done so at the risk of the person using the information, and not at that of Piptle or the DBG.

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